Taking action

It is the responsibility of staff members to seek guidance about issues that remain unclear. This may require continued consultation until the answer is clear. Prior to consulting the in-house experts, it is advisable to first review the circumstances related to the issue. Do you perceive the issue as a question of lawfulness? Do you notice an inconsistency with United Nations values and policies?

Taking action is part of our duty to act with integrity and avoid inappropriate and unethical behaviour. Staff members are required to ask questions and share concerns with supervisors or functional experts at OIOS, Security and Safety or Human Resources. Reputation Management section provides a mechanism for reporting unlawful and unethical conduct. Before reaching that stage, the questions posed above should be addressed. Once you have done so, you should then be in a position:

  • to describe the facts and depict the particulars of the issue.
  • to indicate how you detected the issue.

The United Nations offers different methods for reporting incidents, issues and problems. Taking action is the first step, while reporting is the crucial second step.

This is covered in more detail in the Reputation Management Section.