Integrity in our client communities


Staff members represent the United Nations standards, goals and ideas in interaction with Member States, the media and other, non-United Nations entities. In order for the United Nations to function successfully, the public must support its mission and goals. In order to have the support of the public, there must be good relations with the client community. The client community consists of the media, Member States, civil society, suppliers and vendors, the public and other organizations

Staff members therefore have the continuing responsibility to promote to the client communities an understanding of the objectives and values of the United Nations. In order to do this, staff members should keep up-to-date with the achievements of the United Nations in order to give information to the public at any time. Staff members should not under any circumstances misrepresent their titles or functions to outside parties.

The client community is a vital component of the United Nations success; without the support of the client community, the United Nations cannot function and would cease to operate.

Integrity in the client community consists of three categories:

Each of these categories is covered in more detail in the pages that follow.