Relations with the media

The media is a client community that connects the public (also a client community) to the United Nations. Openness and transparency in media relations is a good way for staff members to inform as many people as possible of the goals and accomplishments of the United Nations. The media is any communication's channel, such as public speaking engagements, interviews, statements to the press, print articles and online publications. Staff members need the prior approval of the Secretary-General before giving any information to the media

Information-sharing between the United Nations and the media should be open and friendly. Any information given to the media by staff members should present the public face of the United Nations. Staff members should speak in the voice of the United Nations, not in a personal voice, and should avoid personal references and views. It is not permitted to use the media to

  • further your own interest.
  • air your own grievances.
  • reveal unauthorized information.
  • attempt to influence policy decisions facing the United Nations.