Protecting United Nations Resources

The United Nations offers many resources to staff members, such as computer equipment, office supplies, vehicles and other items to aid a productive work force. Staff members are free to take advantage of these resources, but are trusted not to misuse them.

The property and assets of the United Nations are meant only for official purposes and staff members should exercise reasonable care when utilizing such property and assets. United Nations staff members are expected to uphold all rules and regulations, and protecting property is an extension of their loyalty to the Organization.

Staff members must not intentionally alter, destroy or misplace any official document, record or file. Proprietary rights, including title, copyrights and patent rights, in any work performed by staff members as part of official duties, belong to the United Nations.

ST/SGB/2007/6: Information Sensitivity, Classification and Handling
ST/AI/2006/1: Policy on the Provision and Use of Official Cars
ST/AI/2006/4 & Amend.1: Official Travel
ST/SGB/2004/15: Use of Information and Communication Technology Resources and Data

Improper use of United Nations resources may include:

  • Misuse of funds.
  • Waste or abuse of United Nations facilities.
  • Destruction of official documents.
  • Using property in an unofficial capacity.
  • Carrying out personal work during office hours.
  • Using UN information resources for unauthorized purposes.
  • Speeding or unsafe driving in UN vehicles.
  • Unauthorized use of office space to advertise or promote private causes.
  • Disclosure of confidential information.