Reputation Management


Reputation management entails managing the honour, good name and respectability of the United Nations by demonstrating probity and professionalism. It involves building trust by letting people know the course of action the leadership will take in cases of ethical dilemmas and reported cases of wrong-doing. Integrity is an essential part of the quality of the Organization and its appearance to outsiders. Hence, there is a need to manage the reputation of the United Nations in order to limit any damage to the image of the Organization and safeguard it's reputation as trustworthy and reliable.

The sooner we detect a potential accountability problem and move quickly to address it, the better off the United Nations will be. The worst approach would be to ignore or try to cover up an accountability problem and allow the problem to grow more severe over time.

What's in a name?

The whole world! The reputation of the Organization and that of its leadership team is a central factor and invaluable asset to help meet global challenges. From Adamawa in Cameroon to Zurich, the Organization's image can make the difference in gaining the confidence and trust of Member States and the other client communities of the United Nations.