United Nations Competency-based Interview Questions

Will this guide help me during interview?

Yes, we believe so. There are actual sample questions being asked during interview within each competency. Most our users after interviews are expressing their gratitude to us and telling they have been ask exactly these questions and they have succeeded in their interviews because they were ready.

Of course, there are no given answers, because all questions more or less will question background and work experience of interviewee, so there is no way to develop a common or general answers to those questions. But one thing I can recommend: never give two examples from the same job experience, even if it's relevant! It is ok to give examples from university, internships or any other projects you have participated.

Please note that it is very important to remember and eliminate from your answers negative indicators.

Good luck with your interviews, fellows! And, if you find this page helpful I would greatly appreciate if you could share it with your friends on your social media pages, like facebook, twitter or any other.

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