Commitment to Continuous Learning

Positive Indicators

• Keeps abreast of new developments in own occupation/profession.
• Actively seeks to develop oneself professionally and personally.
• Contributes to the learning of colleagues and subordinates.
• Shows willingness to learn from others.
• Seeks feedback to learn and improve.

Negative Indicators

• Has limited knowledge about area of expertise.
• Struggles to keep up to date.
• Is not proactive in undertaking developmental tasks.
• Is reluctant to help others to learn.
• Has received little positive feedback about specialist knowledge.
• Is defensive with feedback from others.
• Is not an authority.

Sample Questions

    What type of specialist knowledge have you needed to be aware of in your previous jobs/education?
  • How have you gone about keeping your technical knowledge up to date in the past?
  • In what areas of technical knowledge do you want to become more competent?
  • How does your technical knowledge compare to that of your colleagues?
    Which areas in your profession/occupation are the most challenging for you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in your specialty area?
  • How does your level of knowledge compare with that of your peers?
  • What feedback have you received about your specialist knowledge?
  • How have you gone about developing these areas?
    Describe an occasion when colleagues (others) sought your advice or experience.
  • What had you done to be an authority?
  • How accurate was your advice?
  • What have you done since to acquire extra knowledge?
  • To what extent could you answer all their questions?
  • How did you know that the information you gave was up to date?
  • What was their reaction?
    How do you keep up with advances in your field?
  • How important is it for you to keep up to date professionally?
  • How much time do you spend doing this?
  • Which specialist or technical magazines or journals do you read?
  • What other methods do you use to keep up to date?
  • How do your efforts compare with those of your peer?
    Describe an occasion when you felt that your level of technical knowledge was insufficient.
  • What made you think this?
  • What action did you take?
  • What are your current strengths in terms of your specialist knowledge?
  • What are your current weaknesses in terms of your specialist knowledge?
    How have you contributed to the learning of others?
  • Tell me about a specific time when you have cached or trained a colleague in something new to them.
  • How did you made yourself available to them?
  • What ongoing support did you provide?
    Describe an example of when you had to acquire additional technical knowledge.
  • How did you go about acquiring this extra knowledge?
  • In what aspects were you least knowledgeable?
  • What feedback have you had on the breadth and depth of your technical knowledge?
  • What do you see as being the key to acquiring relevant technical knowledge?